Portugués: preparación de exames de B2


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Event description

This is a preparation course for the official B2 level exams. Different strategies will be used to deal with the different parts of the exam. Students will be trained in the different language skills required: oral expression and comprehension as well as written expression and comprehension. The approach of the course is completely pragmatic and as individualized as possible.

Documents to be submitted

Os estudantes da UDC deben xuntar a fotocopia da matrícula universitaria do curso 2020/21.

Os PDI e PAS da UDC deben xuntar a fotocopia da tarxeta universitaria.

O público externo debe achegar o seu DNI.

Non se admite domiciliación bancaria.


Date of event: From 5/18/2021 to 6/14/2021
Date of inscription: From 1/1/2021 to 4/14/2021
Date of registration: From 4/9/2021 to 5/13/2021


Official price: 80,00

Help and information

Contact phone: 981 16 70 00 Ext. 4751 / 5752
Email: centrodelinguas@udc.es

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Portugués: preparación de exames de B2

Date: From 5/18/2021 to 6/14/2021
Schedule: Luns, martes e mércores. 11:30 - 14:00 h. (mércores en liña)
Location: A Coruña
Registration: 80,00 €