B2 Consolidation course


Inscription period closed.


Registration period closed.

Event description

This high intermediate level course will provide participants with the opportunity to consolidate the fundamental aspects of the language skills set (reading, listening, speaking, writing, and use of English) at the upper intermediate level, and also serves as a gateway to more advanced levels.

Documents to be submitted


    15% discount for: (already included in the price)

  • Former students of the Centro de Linguas.
  • UDC Community (students, PDI and PAS).
  • FUAC Community (staff and scholarship holders).
  • Senior University students.

You must attach a proof of your petencence to one of these categories.

The general public must attach their ID card.

Direct debit is not allowed.


Credits: 3


Date of event: From 7/1/2020 to 8/14/2020
Date of inscription: From 5/25/2020 to 6/24/2020
Date of registration: From 5/25/2020 to 6/24/2020


Price Público en xeral: 75,00
Price Comunidade UDC, FUAC, Senior e exalumno/a do CL: 64,00

Help and information

Contact phone: 981 16 70 00. Ext. 4751 / 4752
Email: centrodelinguas@udc.es

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B2 Consolidation course

Date: From 7/1/2020 to 8/14/2020
Schedule: Os luns, mércores e venres de 9:30 a 11:00 horas
Location: A Coruña