Español B1.2 (Campus Coruña)


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The Spanish as a Foreign Language Courses (30h) are designed for those students who wish to start learning or improve their Spanish during their stay in our country.

An essentially communicative approach is followed in these courses along with the use of the most up-to-date audio-visual technology. The average number of students per group is 15.


Data de celebración: Do 18/10/2017 ó 14/12/2017
Data de inscripción: Do 09/10/2017 ó 16/10/2017
Data de matrícula: Do 09/10/2017 ó 16/10/2017


Tarifa Erasmus student: 125,00
Tarifa UDC exchange student: 125,00
Tarifa Non-UDC students: 166,00

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Español B1.2 (Campus Coruña)

  Datos do curso
Data: Do 18/10/2017 ó 14/12/2017
Horario: Tuesday and on Thursday of 17:00 to 19:00
Lugar: A Coruña